Kent Atwell is a New York based photographer. From his first photograph of his mother's penny loafer shoes at age 3, he has had a fascination with photography. Kent got his first SLR in the 1970's, which he started putting to use when home from college one summer. Eventually, and a few cameras later, the costs of film and processing dampened his enthusiasm.

Later, he would get more serious upon discovering the joys of digital. Suddenly, with the freedom to shoot as many frames as he wanted, he strolled the streets of New York City, capturing moments, telling stories with his images, and building an internet presence anonymously as "shatterbug".
A self-taught photographer, Kent studied the work of other photographers, including his heroes, Robert Frank, and Cartier-Bresson, while formulating his own style. While comfortable with all genres of photography, he is most fulfilled when "in the zone" on the streets of the city, where he reacts instantaneously to life around him and sees everything as a two-dimensional landscape. His keen appreciation for light, color, shapes, form, and perspective are evident in his work.
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